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Test of Practical Competency in IT Introduction

Competency Level

What is the competency level of TOPCIT?

  • Novice |

    Has inadequate understanding of technical and business fields in IT and incapable of solving basic problems

  • 01
  • Advanced Beginner |

    Capable of understanding and assessing technical and business problems in IT but not yet capable of fully solving the problems

  • 02
  • Competent |

    Capable of correctly addressing technical and business problems and is able to solve them at a university graduate level

  • 03
  • Proficient |

    Shows problem solving skills and competency levels of someone who has plenty of experience and knowledge in the field.

  • 04
  • Expert |

    Show exceptional problem solving skills and computational thinking at a level of an expert in IT and SW

  • 05

TOPCIT diagnoses and categorizes a test taker’s technical and business problem solving competency into five levels.
Test-takers can then utilize their TOPCIT score and detailed competency analysis to fix and/or improve their skills in IT.

TOPCIT Competency Level required by companies can vary.
(Most MOU companies and institutes utilizing TOPCIT give benefits and advantage to test-takers with level 3 (400 points) and above.)