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News FAQs


QWhen are the tests scores posted?
AAfter the test, test scores will be informed to your institution manager and you will be notified by the TOPCIT website as to when the test scores will be posted. Please check the TOPCIT website notice board [Support > Notice].

QHow much does it cost to print a test score certificate?
AThe TOPCIT score certificate is free.
QIs there an expiration date for the test score like TOEIC?
AA TOPCIT score is valid for two years from the examination date. The purpose is to reinforce public confidence in the test by regularly mirroring changes and trends in this fast-paced field and to encourage students and specialists to continue lifelong learning.
QI cannot print out the test score certificate
ATOPCIT utilizes a professional institution for test score certification. This is to prevent document counterfeiting. Please inquire at Digital Zone, which is the service institution. In order to report an error or inquiry regarding the certification, please contact Digital Zone Customer Service: +82-2-1644-2378
QHow many points should I earn to achieve a level 3 in TOPCIT?
ATOPCIT diagnoses the competency of test applicants by classifying the competency level into five levels. Utilizing the diagnosis results from the competency level of TOPCIT will help you set a goal for yourself and help develop your competency. Score range for each level:
- Level 1: less than 100 points
- Level 2: between 100 and 400 points
- Level 3: between 400 and 700 points
- Level 4: between 700 and 900 points
- Level 5: between 900 and 1,000 points
* Reference: [Introduction > Test Structure] menu