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Test of Practical Competency in IT Introduction

Test Structure

TOPCIT Question Types

Test Structure
TOPCIT evaluates one’s understanding of practical knowledge and competency in IT utilization. TOPCIT consists of 65 questions with four types of questions: multiple choice, short answer questions, descriptive questions, and critical thinking questions. In the case of critical thinking questions, test-takers are asked to address and solve real life problems with practical knowledge through various methods, such as coding and drawing diagrams.
Subject Evaluation Purpose No. Score
Technical Field Software
  • Understanding of software
  • Data structure and algorithm
  • Software analysis and design
  • Software implementation and testing
  • Software management
  • Trends in software development
17 260
  • Understanding of data and database
  • Database design
  • Database programming
  • Database operations
  • Understanding data analysis and application
9 145
Systems Architecture
  • Overview of systems architecture
  • System-based technology
  • Application technologies of systems architecture
  • Network-based technology
  • Application technologies of networks
8 75
Business Field Information Security
  • Understanding information security
  • Practice of information security
8 85
IT Businesses & Ethics
  • Understanding IT business
  • Planning IT business
  • Execution of IT business
  • Trends in IT business
  • Ethics of IT business
11 95
Project Management & Technical Communication
  • Business communication
  • Technical documentation
  • Understanding and management of projects
  • Scope of project management
  • Project tools and evaluation
9 80
Integrated Field 3 260
Total 65 1,000