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Test of Practical Competency in IT Introduction

Test Structure

What issue is released?

Test Structure
Technology development skills, database development and operation skills, network and security comprehension and utilization skills, and IT business understanding skills, technical communication skills, and projects to assess business skills. It consists of management skills.
It consists of 65 questions in 4 different types: multiple choice, short answer, narrative, and execution. I'm measuring my ability. (Test time: 2 hours 30 minutes)
Evaluation area Evaluation purpose Evaluation Item Content The number of questions points time
Technology Area Software
Development Capabilities
Ability to analyze, design, develop and maintain software
  • Understanding the software
  • Software Analysis and Design
  • Software implementation and testing
  • Software management
  • Application and Fusion Technology
29 305 2 hours 30 minutes
Database Building and Operations Capabilities Ability to design, operate, and use a database based on an understanding of the concept and structure of a database
  • Database Concepts and Structures
  • Database design
  • Database programming
  • Database operations
  • Understanding Database Applications
7 105
Ability to understand and use network and security Ability to leverage software development with an understanding of basic concepts of network and security and related technologies
  • Network concept
  • Network based technology
  • Network application technology
  • Understanding Information Security
  • Information protection practice
  • Information protection latest and standard
7 105
Total 65 1,000