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Test of Practical Competency in IT Registration


Subject of Examination

Anyone who wants to enter the field of software development can take the exam. Job applicants who want to advance into ICT companies, including students from ICT-related departments and vision engineering departments, can also take the job.

Examination procedure

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step 03

Take the Test


step 04

Test Score


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  1. 1. Membership Subscription
    • In order to apply for the TOPCIT, subscribe for a membership at the TOPCIT Website (www.topcit.or.kr).
    • Only an online subscription is available through the TOPCIT website.
  2. 2. Apply for the Test
    • After checking the test schedule, you may apply for the test by selecting the test period and date then the test site that you desire to take the test in After applying for the test, you may check or cancel the application by using the shortcut or go to [My Page > Registration Status] in the English website.
    • The test ID slip will be available online one week before the test day until the day of.
  3. 3. Taking the Test
    • Bring your identification card and the Test ID Slip on the test day and take the test at the designated test site. Enter the test room 20 minutes before the scheduled test start time.
    • You are not allowed to leave the room during the test until half of the exam time.
    • You may bring your own writing utensils. Write your answers on the backside of the test ID slip and turn it in to the superintendent before leaving. (no papers allowed).
    • The confirmation of test participation will be issued until the test score is posted.
    • To check the `Test Participation Confirmation`, go to [My Page > Attendance Slip] (The confirmation will be available one week after the test day and until the test score is posted.)
  4. 4. Test Score Inquiry and Analysis Service
    • The test scores can be viewed on the day it is posted.
    • Log in to the TOPCIT website then click or go to [My Page > Results].
    • You can inquire the test score for each test through the corresponding menu, and receive the certificate.
  5. 5. TOPCIT Certificate
    • After logging in to the TOPCIT website, it is possible to be issued a certificate for each test by clicking on or by going to [My Page > Results].
    • TOPCIT test score and certification are valid for two years from the day that the test is taken.
Since 2014, the TOPCIT regular evaluation is conducted once each in the first and second half of the year.
You can check the detailed evaluation schedule through the menu on the TOPCIT homepage.

Test Schedule