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Test of Practical Competency in IT Introduction

CBT System

In-house developed TOPCIT's IBT system

We provide an Internet-Based Testing (IBT) environment that allows candidates to read questions and write answers on their computers.
Check the candidate information and notes, TOPCIT IBT basic UI, and answer questions by type can.

TOPCIT's IBT video

Let's look at the value cbt scm
Check Candidate Information and Precautions
Taxi cbt find screen It is a way to indicate the receptionist government when you press the magnifying glass button to enter the Weeden stare number
Check the name of the test taker and the date of the test, and make sure that it matches the information of the test taker. Click the Evaluation Zombie button.
Before starting the evaluation, please check the test taker's notice, click the check box to check the content, and then click the start evaluation button that is activated.
Here is the test screen
On the left side of the screen, item numbers are displayed in a tree structure
Each item number 1 type You can check the type and status of the item, click the item number, you can go to the door interpretation bar, such as times, etc. Cultures written an answer 1 The new field of the blue review function is shown in black color green Golgi No science This is a screen where you can check the remaining number of completed questions by each item.
The screen directly below shows the total test time and the remaining evaluation time.
This is the answer writing area where the examinee writes an answer.
There is a splitter in the cultural career and reflecting history
Click on the part of the synagogue and drag it to the video. You can double-click the school to adjust the size of the area.
Learn how to write answers by question type
First, in the case of the open-type type, you can choose the item in the literature area, select the correct answer among the views in the answer area, and click the radio button.
The following is how to write a short answer pattern 2 What do you want to do? Read the text and enter it in the text bus in the answer area.
Parcel recipients may include sub-patterns in literature
If there is a sub-glyph, the sub-document professor will be marked on the flight as follows
Finally, this is a performance question
Infant er diagram of the code is using the incense uml diagram and so on. The code editor supports various languages ​​such as Java, and selects a suitable language according to the culture.
In addition to coding, we also use 2l diagram use case diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, plow checks, etc. to measure a variety of problem solving drugs for candidates.
You can also check these performance leaflet neck arban drafting in the Functional Performance tab of the field.
In the case of performers, the full-screen icon under the Review Instrument checkbox provides the ability to read and write on a wider screen.
You can select the ivory split or left and right split screen for review and write your answers. You can exit the main screen with the clang c button on the top right.
If all 5 hours specified in the evaluation are required or click the end evaluation button on the bottom right of the screen, the evaluation is sorted.
If you're done, you won't be able to take the test again, so please press the button carefully
After the lecture, you will be given a satisfaction test.
Your valuable opinions are the basis for more accurate measurement of your ict competency. Please answer 2 sincere answers. We have learned how to create a tack city view and how to write an answer.
Once you have the cmo competency required in the field, please try to prove yourself as a global human resource with a global assessment system.