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Test of Practical Competency in IT Registration


Test schedule

Test schedule list table
Type Test Name Test Date Registration Period Announcement Registraion


    1. 1. The grade announcement date will be announced separately on the TOPCIT website after the evaluation date.
    2. 2. Click on the name of the rating to view the details of the rating.
    3. 3. During the evaluation period, you can apply by clicking the [Submit] button at the bottom of the detailed information.

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Evaluation detail

평가상세정보 표: 응시자격, 응시료, 접수기간, 접수방법, 수험표 발급기간, 평가 장소, 평가 일시로 구성
Test Schedule
Test Center National auditorium (selection of desired area and auditorium upon receipt)
Registration fee
Registration Method Reception through the TOPCIT website
Registration Period
Test Identification Publishing Period
Grade appeal Period
Grade Announcement Date